Who is Mary Rose?

Mary Rose

Born in 1916, Mary Rose Durfee grew up on a Hops Farm in Waterville, NY. Her youngest sister, Alice Gorman, died in 2002 and established The Gorman Foundation with a bequest from her estate.

Mary Rose owned and operated a small diner in Oneida during the 1950s and 60s and although she worked 14-hour days with almost no time off, she could not afford preventive medical or dental care.  She made just enough money to get by which is exactly like the men and women we hope to serve at The Mary Rose Clinic.

Mary Rose continues to be very active in her community.   In addition to being the inspiration for the free clinic, she is also an ardent advocate of Central New York’s hops industry and a supporter of its history within New York’s agricultural landscape.  In recognition of her efforts, Madison County Historical Society crowned her their very first Hops Queen at their annual Hops Fest Celebration in 2003.

Ms. Durfee is also a published author in books, newspapers and periodicals, a talent which was undiscovered until she was 80 years old. She is now approaching 101 years old and still writing books.

Mary Rose lived independently in Sherrill, N.Y until she passed away October 6th, 2020 and her perpetual zest for life was ever apparent to those who knew her.  She even kept in touch with family and friends through Facebook!

The Mary Rose Clinic was co-created by Dr. Martyn and The Gorman Foundation.

PLEASE NOTE: The Mary Rose Clinic CANNOT treat patients for:
-Disability Claims
-Workers Compensation Claims
-No Fault Injury Claims
-Other Legal Issues

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